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Written by Aaron Leung (@akhleung) and Hampton Catlin (@hcatlin)

About SassC

SassC is a wrapper around libsass ( used to generate a useful command-line application that can be installed and packaged for several operating systems.

SassC currently statically links the libsass library, but might one day using dynamic linking if libsass supports that in the future.

About Sass

Sass is a CSS pre-processor language to add on exciting, new, awesome features to CSS. Sass was the first language of its kind and by far the most mature and up to date codebase.

Sass was originally created by the co-creator of this library, Hampton Catlin (@hcatlin). The extension and continuing evolution of the language has all been the result of years of work by Natalie Weizenbaum (@nex3) and Chris Eppstein (@chriseppstein).

For more information about Sass itself, please visit


Contribution Agreement

Any contribution to the project are seen as copyright assigned to Hampton Catlin. Your contribution warrants that you have the right to assign copyright on your work. This is to ensure that the project remains free and open -- similar to the Apache Foundation.