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Fetch satellite data for AOIs
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Sat-fetch is a Python 2/3 library and command line tool for fetching, warping, and clipping remote imagery datasets. Sat-fetch loads scenes from a a STAC GeoJSON file, takes in a user AOI and list of asset keys to download. Sat-fetch will then perform windowed reads of the remote imagey if possible and save a multi-band image of all the assets, clipped to the user provided AOI.

Sat-fetch provides all the same functionality as sat-search, except has some additional features that require the use of GDAL and other libraries (sat-search is very lightweight requiring nothing but the Python requests library).

Using sat-fetch

$ docker run --rm -v $PWD:/home/geolambda/work -it developmentseed/sat-fetch:latest sat-fetch -h


sat-search was created by Development Seed and is part of a collection of tools called sat-utils.

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