This is my config files of Ubuntu
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Config Files and Settings for Linux - Mainly Ubuntu

These files are some settings that I Picked up, along the way of using shell and tools like Git and Vim.

Remove or Backup .bashrc

Since there is a .bashrc file in the repo, existing .bashrc will cause issues while pulling, so delete it or backup it somewhere

To delete

rm .bashrc

To Backup

mv .bashrc .bashrc-backup


Initialize a git repo in Home Directory

cd ~
git init

Now Pull from the repo url to the new repo, created at your home directory

git remote add origin git://
git pull origin master

Now I know having your home directory as a git repository is annoying So, I generally rename the .git directory to temperorily get rid of git

mv .git .git-dump

I enter the following command, To bring back the repository to make changes

mv .git-dump .git