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SatisfactoryModLoader Release 1.0.1

@SuperCoder7979 SuperCoder7979 released this
· 408 commits to master since this release
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Installation instructions

  • Download the xinput1_3.dll file.
  • Go to your Satisfactory install folder (Usually C:/Program Files/Epic Games/SatisfactoryEarlyAccess or SatisfactoryExperimental), go to FactoryGame, Binaries, then Win64.
  • Place your xinput1_3.dll file there.
  • Run FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping.exe.
  • If a console window appeared, SML is good to go!
    Upon running for the first time, a mods folder will be generated. Any mod DLLs that you download will go in there.


  • Added new config for toggling the crash report disabler
    • If you disable the crash report disabler, make sure that you alt+F4 out of the crash reporter so Coffee Stain Studios don't get your modded crash.
  • Added new config for unsafe mode
    • Unsafe mode allows you to bypass all crashes. You can't report any bugs with this on!
  • Added more logging to debug mode
  • Added new hooks
  • Added events for loading for DLL mods to do things as SML is loading
  • Added a new actor to the pak loader, InitMenu. InitMenu allows you to run code when Satisfactory is in the menu level.
  • Added new events to the pak loader
    • DebugModeEnabled: Called if SML's debug mode is enabled. For both InitMod and InitMenu.
    • FirstMenuLoad Called if this is the first time that the main menu is shown (When the user loads the game for the first time). For InitMenu only!
  • Optimized the pak loader
  • Added ensures when the game quits to alert if coremods are present, memory editing happened, or if unsafe mode is active.
    • You cannot submit bug reports if any of these 3 things are active.
  • Fixed the log file