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Satellite Networked Open Ground Station (moved to GitLab)

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  1. satnogs-network satnogs-network Public archive

    Global Management Network for SatNOGS

    102 22

  2. satnogs-rotator satnogs-rotator Public archive

    SatNOGS Rotator project

    75 27

  3. satnogs-client satnogs-client Public archive

    Ground Station Client software

    63 25

  4. satnogs-software satnogs-software Public archive

    Various software for SatNOGS project

    42 15

  5. gr-satnogs gr-satnogs Public archive

    SatNOGS GNU Radio Out-Of-Tree Module

    41 21

  6. satnogs-rotator-controller satnogs-rotator-controller Public archive

    Controller electonics and firmware for SatNOGS rotator

    38 31


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