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The Satellite Landscape Landscape

This is an exploratory overview of current and upcoming sources of data, processing pipelines, and data products. It is aimed at helping non-experts explore and harness the unfolding revolution of Earth observation, with an emphasis on understanding current capabilities and project development considerations.

Development environment

The development environment is the same for both parts and has the following dependencies:

  • Node (v4.5.x) & Npm (nvm usage is advised)
  • Ruby and Bundler, preferably through something like rvm

The versions mentioned are the ones used during development. It could work with newer ones.

After these basic requirements are met, run the following commands in the website's folder:

$ npm install

Getting started

The site resides in the app and it is structured as a jekyll site.

$ npm run serve

Compiles the sass files, javascript, and launches the server making the site available at http://localhost:3000/
The system will watch files and execute tasks whenever one of them changes.
The site will automatically refresh since it is bundled with livereload.

Jekyll settings

There are several config files for jekyll that are loaded according to the environment. The production settings are in _config.yml. If overrides for local development are required they should be done in _config-dev.yml.


Satellites in Global Development




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