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This is a ClojureScript port of the Dart tutorials. This is just my attempt to see the differences between ClojureScript and Dart. The code herein shouldn't be considered exemplary by any measure.

About the samples

There are two types of tutorials:

  1. Command line apps, which require Node.js to run; and
  2. Web apps, which can be run using the lein-ring plug-in.

The code for all of these is put under src/cljs in separate directories for each project.

Building and running the samples

To build the samples, just lein cljsbuild once. This will build all of the samples.

The web samples

To run the web samples, just run lein ring server, or lein ring server-headless and browse to http://localhost:3000. The one exception to this is slambook, which requires running the slambookserver command line application.

The command line samples

All of the compiled command-line applications are placed in target/bin. To run these, just run the script using Node.js, e.g. node target/bin/helloworld.js.

In order to run the dcat sample, you'll first need install the optimist module, which you can obtain by running npm install from the root directory of the repository.


ClojureScript port of the Node tutorials



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