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Saturn Network Airdrop Tool
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Saturn Network Airdrop Tool

Built with Saturn Dapp Dev Kit!

Easily organize and manage airdrops for your Ethereum or Ethereum Classic tokens, with more chains coming soon. Supports ERC20 and ERC223 tokens standards and their derivatives.

Code of this multi-chain dapp supports these EVM blockchains.


  1. Fast and Cost Efficient. Because it utilizes smart batching technology, it is up to 50x cheaper to airdrop using this tool compared to alternatives.
  2. Tax efficient. According to US laws, airdrops are now taxable events for US citizens and tax residents, with a few caveats. This airdrop tool uses a non-custodial smart contract wallet, protecting your users from unwanted IRS attention until they claim their airdrop.
  3. Easy to use and integrated with best DEX. Users easily claim your airdrops from their EVM account page. Airdropped tokens automatically get integrated into our Atomic Arbitrage Liquidity Mesh.


Don't have time to learn tech and want to focus on making your business successful? We can help!

Follow this guide to install node.js on your computer and use the airdrop tool. If you don't have time to learn new technology you can order an airdrop here:

Implementation details

  • Based on pre-release of Saturn Dapp Dev Kit.
  • Compiled with Solidity 0.4.18 for best compatibility with ERC20 standard and its legacy tokens.
  • Uses batch factor of 50, meaning using this tool is roughly 50 cheaper and faster compared to alternatives.
  • Supports ERC223, ERC20, TRC20 token standards.
  • Uses Saturn API to fetch free airdrop datasets.
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