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saturnflyer committed Apr 16, 2009
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@@ -3,13 +3,9 @@ Feature: Manage Clients
As a content creator
I want to manage a list of Clients
- Scenario: Successfully create a page with a location
+ Scenario: Successfully create Client
Given I am logged in
- When I add a child to the "Venues" page
- And I fill in "Page Title" with "San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles"
- And I fill in "Slug" with "quilts-and-textiles"
- And I fill in "Breadcrumb" with "Quilts & Textiles"
- And I fill in "Address" with "520 S 1st St, 95113"
- And I press "Save and Continue Editing"
- Then I should see "37[^a-z]*N"
- And I should see "121[^a-z]*W"
+ When I visit the "New Admin Client" page
+ And I fill in "Name" with "Saturn Flyer"
+ And I click "Add New Client"
+ Then I should see "Saturn Flyer"

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