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myanmar font embed in epub
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This version is 1.5 alpha version and written on python 2.7.1


Python 2.7 or later

Supported epub generator

  1. epubgen.jar
  2. pages (export to epub)
  3. calibre (tested with version 0.8)
  4. InDesign (tested with CS 5)

How to use

Add all .epub file in same path of and convert with following command

$python [font family] [font file]

Font File

If you want to use custom file , add font.ttf in data/[your font file].ttf

Example :

$python Yunghkio yunghkio.ttf

yunghkio.ttf must be in data folder (data/yunghkio.ttf)

Add Cover

If you want to add cover, your .epub and [cover].png must be same name.

Example :

Epub file : myBook.epub , Cover file: myBook.png


Got error message IOError: [Errno 20] Not a directory:

It's a bug of python 2.6. Please, upgrade to python 2.7 or patched the latest python 2.6 zip file.

Read more about bug in here.

Change Log

Feb 8 , version 1.5

  • support cover
  • support custom font
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