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Coco in the Real World

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Help spread the word about Coco, post a link to your project here to prove that it is viable for production.



  • connect-compiler: connect middleware for transparently recompiling derived files at serve-time, including (of course) Coco .co files. Highly configurable and easily extensible; replaces the now-defunct compiler module that used to ship with connect, but does no longer.
  • ckup: Markup as Coco.


  • JinJS: Templating language closely mimicking Jinja (itself close to Django's templates), or Twig for PHP. Compiles to javascript, can embed the resulting templates in the browser, and is freaking fast in terms of execution.
  • mutagen.js: Wraps mutagen for use in node.js applications. Mutagen is a robust audio tag editing library.


  • Rooibos: fully client side framework for making desktop-class web applications. Uses Coco with a few minor additions as the programming language foundation.


  • Groove Basin: Web-based music player built on mpd, with a user interface inspired by Amarok 1.4.
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