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Gridcoin Reddit Tip Bot

The Gridcoin Reddit Tip Bot is a tool that allows Gridcoin users on Reddit to reward other users for good contributions with Gridcoins. Thus the contributors know that their contributions are read and appreciated. The tip bot is supposed to help maintain an active community on Reddit.

How it works

The bot queries all posts and comments in the Gridcoin subreddit (/r/gridcoin) for the following command /u/grc_tip_bot {amount} where amount is the amount of Gridcoins one wants to tip. There is no need to create an account.

How to get started

If you want to deposit some Gridcoins to the tip bot to be able to tip other users follow this steps:

  1. Go to reddit and send a private message to the user /u/grc_tip_bot with the content address. In a few minutes you'll get an answer with a Gridcoin address where you can deposit your coins.
  2. Send some coins to the address you got from the bot and wait for 10 confirmations.
  3. (Optional) Now you can check your balance by sending a message to /u/grc_tip_bot with the content balance. Again you should get a reply within a few minutes.
  4. Now you can comment under posts / comments with /u/grc_tip_bot {amount} and the author of the post / comment will get a tip of 1 Gridcoin.


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