Sauerbraten Community Edition
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Sauerbraten Community Edition

About ComEd

Sauerbraten Community Edition, short ComEd, is a Sauerbraten client providing additional features desired by the community that are not included in the official Sauerbraten release. In opposition to other projects, ComEd's development is not reserved to a defined group of developers. Instead, it encourages the whole community to contribute. Contribution can happen in any imaginable way: Be it via the submission of ideas, game content, source code or reporting of bugs - there can never be enough helping hands.


The core features of ComEd v0.1 include:

  • detailed ammo bar
  • chat colors
  • (automatic) client-sided demo recording
  • eased demo navigation via demotime
  • extra event handlers, e.g. onspawn
  • Flat GUI for a more modern look
  • frag messages placed in the middle of the screen
  • placeable game clock
  • additional scoreboard columns
  • score hud
  • in-game team health display
  • spectating from the followed player's point of view
  • team killing information, e.g. getlasttkvictim
  • weapon accuracy variables
  • weapon trail customization

Most of the options are changeable via a GUI by typing /comed. For a full list of commands, feel free to browse the ComEd documentation.

As the client is based on pisto's SDoS Test Client, it also has all of its SDL2 features, allowing more direct input and an overall smoother gaming expecience.


For installation instructions, read the file.


The complete source code of ComEd is available via GitHub.

For zipped release builds containing additional packages in pak/, use the included buildcomed script. ./buildcomed win|lin|mac|macX |noclean

If you only want to compile the binaries, a simple make should suffice. For cross compilation, use an adequate PREFIX= argument (check buildcomed for possible values).


In order to enhance ComEd, we really need your constructive feedback and ideas. You can contact us either via the Sauerworld forums or the GameSurge IRC network.