[Deprecated] This project aims to work as a demo project and reference using the common frameworks and tools
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When Avengers meet Dagger2, RxJava & Retrofit in a clean way

This is the source code of a series focused on giving some basic ideas about how to use Retrofit, Dagger2 & RxJava together with a Clean Architecture.

Part 1 - Dagger 2

In this first part it explains how Dagger 2 can help the decoupling of the layers in a project, removing dependencies so that it is easily scalable and testable.

Part 2 - RxJava, RxAndroid, Reactive Extensions & operators

This part focuses on the understanding of what are the Reactive Extensions, its Java implementation, and use RxJava operators, all it integrated with a clean architecture

NOTE: The source shown in articles refers to [this release].



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