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Combining the autonomous robotics world with the gaming world.
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Gamify The Robotics World

About The Project

In my project, I am gamifying the robotics world. In this, i am combining the robotics world with the gaming world. To achieve this, i build the following prototypes:

Gamify The Real Mobile Tank

Often a human life is at risk when driver is participating in a racing sport or even driving on a normal road. This solution will enable a driver to control a real mobile tank or any other vehicle in a remote way, through a game. That is driver will play a game that in turn will move the real vehicle and hence participate in the race sport / normal driving. Driver can also keep the vehicle in autonomous mode when he/she is tired or taking a break. Robots are the future. Before letting a robot control human, let us see how we can control a robot. We have started with very basic robot which is basically a tank, which is being controlled wirelessly by a keyboard. It’s a embedded program in python that is taking inputs from keyboard and sending signals to motors attached to tank. And the program is running on a small raspberry pi with raspbian os.

List the hardware and software you i used to build this.

  • Unity3d
  • A program as an interface between motor drivers(using Python) and game(using C#).
  • Jumper Wires
  • L298N Motor driver
  • Devastator Tank Mobile Robot Platform
  • Batteries, Power bank, Micro SD card
  • A Gaming laptop.
  • Apple iPhone 7(ARKit)

Gamify The ......

Coming soon..


Reach out to me at one of the following places!

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