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An SVG renderer for Atari 8-bit computers, written in Turbo-BASIC XL
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An SVG renderer for Atari 8-bit computers, written in Turbo-BASIC XL

Renderific 1.0 - Readme

Renderific is an SVG renderer for Atari 8-bit computers, written in Turbo-BASIC XL. It tries to parse SVG Tiny files and draw them on screen and/or on an Atari 1020 plotter.

Sample output:

Sample Image 1 - flower Sample Image 2 - curve Sample Image 3 - triangle maze Sample Image 4 - Atari 800 logo Sample Image 5 - woodsy scene from Transylvania game Sample Image 6 - ANTIC podcast logo Sample Image 7 - circuit diagram Sample Image 8 - twisted polygon

It is copyright 2019 by Kevin Savetz (@KevinSavetz) and released under the MIT license.

The SVG Tiny spec is at

Thanks to @PneumaticDeath for help on the Bézier math, and @BillLange1968 for plotter testing.

Fun places to get/make SVGs: Mazes:


Twisted Polygon Generator:


Bugs and things

Shorthand, relative, cubic Bézier curves (the "s" command in paths) don't draw correctly. I haven't been able to figure it out. (See the Slovakia and Tokelau flags, among many others.) This is probably the biggest issue with the program.

I've found some SVGs that seem to intentionally draw in negative regions. I'm not sure what their intention is - is the viewport moved to include part of the negative quadrants? Anyway, Renderific doesn't support that. Many of the SVG flags at do this. (I'm looking at you, Djibouti and Bouvet Island.)

I kind of wanted to add the "a"rc path command, although it is not in SVG Tiny. It looks complicated.

It doesn't handle FILLs.

1020 plotter support: the program prints the image upside down on the plotter, and feeds the paper backwards. I'm curious to know why. Also, the Atari800MacX emulator's plotter emulation doesn't work with this program. (I assume because it doesn't like my backwards- feeding weirdness.)

I did not support the SVG TEXT command while rendering to the plotter. It's probably easy to add but given the other plotter issues I thought it best to wait.

The program really wants the file to end with </svg>, otherwise you'll get an EOF error.

If any single command in the SVG file (e.g. very long PATH commands) exceeds the DIMensioned length of A$ (15000 characters) the program will crash.

However, the program should nicely handle SVG files with any type of line ending, e.g. Atari, Mac, Windows, whatever.

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