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This text processing "Funkit" takes an input corpus (text) and wraps it in a "Parakeet" object, allowing us to do fun things with it-- like generate random text ("parrot()").

Contained are 4 sample texts:
aurelius.txt, Marcus Aurelius' Meditations
kerouac.txt, an excerpt of On the Road
memshl.txt, the complete memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
and nietzsche.txt, Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil.

Here's how:
1. Clone the repo, "git clone"
2. Go into that directory
3. fire up your python interpreter.
4. type:
	from parakeet import Parakeet
	p = parakeet(<filename>)
	p.parrot(<number of words>)


from parakeet import Parakeet
p = parakeet('kerouac.txt')

"Flat on a lot of becoming a wonderful night. I knew I wrote a young fellow in the next door, he comes in Frisco. That's rights. A western plateau, deep one and almost agreed to Denver whatever, look at exactly what he followed me at the sleeping. He woke up its bad effects, cooked, a cousin of its proud tradition. Well, strangest moment; into the night, grand, get that he was sad ride with a brunette. You reckon if I bought my big smile."

Checkout my blogpost for explanations: