A jQuery plugin that expands Fotorama thumbnails into a multi-row responsive gallery
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Fotoramovna v1.0-beta

Fotoramovna is a jQuery plugin that expands Fotorama thumbnails into a multi-row responsive gallery.

For more information on the Fotorama plugin visit http://fotorama.io/




Include after jQuery:

<script src="fotoramovna.js"></script>


     .on('fotorama:ready', function() {
       fotoramovna = $(this).fotoramovna(options);  // passing options is optional



Use the .refresh() API method after manipulating the contents of Fotoramovna from outside:


Testing via browser console

You can see how Fotoramovna would work on a webpage with a Fotorama by using a single command in your browser's console (don't forget to indicate the correct Fotorama selector). Try it out on the Fotorama homepage.

jQuery.getScript('http://vzryvy.ru/projects/fotoramovna/fotoramovna.js', function() {
    jQuery('.fotorama').fotoramovna()  // .fotoramovna() method accepts options (see below)

Options and defaults

horizontalAlign: 'justify',
// How the thumbnails are aligned. Possible values: 'center'
// and 'justify'

columns: 5,
// Number of columns in the grid (if horizontalAlign is
// 'justify'

hideFotoramaOnInit: true,
// Should fotorama be hidden initially (and expanded on
// first click on a thumbnail) or not

verticalAlign: 'middle',
// Vertical alignment of thumbnails inside the grid.
// Can also be 'top' and 'bottom'

duration: 200,
// Duration of all animations used by Fotoramovna
// (not Fotorama). Should generally be lower than
// Fotorama's transitionduration

classname: "fotoramovna",
// CSS class name of Fotoramovna and a prefix for its components

overlayFrameOverThumb: true,
// Whether to overlay the frame that indicates the current
// thumb over the thumb itself or not.

verticalOffset: 50,
// When clicking on thumbs, Fotoramovna tries to
// scroll so that the window is centered on the
// current Fotorama image. This options allows to
// tweak the final position of the image (if positive,
// the image is lower, if negative, the image is higher).

getWidthFromFotorama: false,
// Whether to set Fotoramovna's max-width to Fotorama's width

disableScroll: false,
// Whether to disable scrolling when clicking on Fotorama or not

fitHeight: true
// Make all thumbnails the same height (as specified by
// Fotorama's data-thumbheight. Only works with horizontalAlign:
// 'center'.

Fotoramovna uses Fotorama's thumbnail dimensions as maximum dimensions. They can be controlled via data attributes. At the moment Fotoramovna ignores individual thumbnail dimensions.

See http://fotorama.io/customize/thumbnails/ for more.


Access the API by accessing the fotoramovna data property of the Fotorama to which Fotoramovna is attached:

var APIFotoramovna = $('.fotorama').data('fotoramovna')

Currently the only method provided by the API is the .refresh() method, which recalculates dimensions of Fotoramovna and position of the frame. Use it after manipulating styles or Fotoramovna's DOM via scripts.


All elements inside a Fotoramovna may be styled -- with the exception of inline styles created by Fotoramovna. Thus, the main limitations is that margin-top of $cell elements should not be changed, as it is used to position the thumbs. Control the padding above and below Fotorama by using padding on .fotoramovna__wrapper-fotorama (as it is absolutely positioned). The exception to the rule is the $frame, which indicates the active thumbnail. Feel free to style it like this:

.fotoramovna__frame[style] {
    /* stuff, like color, margin width or box-shadow, perhaps.
     * use "!important". */

Feel free to experiment with overriding inline styles, but always test it afterwards, especially its behaviour during resizing. To override inline styles use the [style] selector:

.elementname[style] {
    property: value !important;

Browser support

Fotoramovna has been tested in:

  • Chrome 30

  • FF 22

  • IE 9

  • iOS7 Safari (iPad and iPhone)


  • jQuery (tested with 1.10.2, but should work with versions >=1.7)

  • Fotorama (tested with 4.4.9 but should work with versions >=4.0.0)

  • <DOCTYPE> must be specified.


Behaviour during Fotorama's movement to the next row:

When a thumbnail is clicked, Fotoramovna scrolls the window so that the Fotorama is centered vertically. When the slide is chosen from within Fotorama (via a click or a swipe), Fotoramovna scrolls the window trying to keep the Fotorama in the same place relative to the window (so the cursor points to the same part of Fotorama).


Designed by Constantin Pulyarkin and Stanislav Bichenko at Vzryvy.

Programmed by Stanislav Bichenko.


Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses: