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scanservjs is a nodejs port of scanserv. It's a simple web-based UI for SANE which allows you to share a scanner on a network without the need for drivers or complicated installation. scanservjs does not do image conversion or manipulation (beyond the bare minimum necessary for the purposes of browser preview) or OCR.


Copyright 2016 Sam Strachan


  • SANE
  • ImageMagick
  • nodejs

installation notes

  • Installation notes here


This is yet another scanimage-web-front-end. Why?

  • I wanted a simple server which would simply scan an image with as little dependency on other software as possible. I already have Photoshop / GIMP I don't need a webapp to do that stuff
  • Desire for easier and cleaner set up and configuration
  • Separation of presentation and control logic with json-rpc
  • I just wanted to


  • ES2016
  • Setup page (auto diagnostics)
  • Configuration page for debugging set up assisting new users
  • Multi-language support


  • This project owes a lot to phpsane
  • In many respects phpsane is more powerful than this. Scanservjs does not support jpeg conversion or OCR. phpSANE, however, is also more brittle and somewhat dated in its implementation.

more about SANE

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