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An unfinished GMod project that involves playing as/with/against HL2 Antlions.
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The scattered remains of old GMod project that I made in 2010-ish, from the days before I used proper version control. Originally intended to be a gamemode of humans vs antlions. See the GDD file for details.

It would be cool if this could be restored and expanded as an open source gamemode. If that's a vision you're interested in being a part of, or have questions about how to use this code for your own projects, please join the Gitter.

Repository Breakdown

This repo is broken into a few segments that were scattered between various hard drive backups.

The projectA/B/C folders

The projectA, projectB, projectC folders are dysfunctional gamemodes. One appears to be an empty structure for a rewrite, another seems to be a minimal version with just basic antlion controls and progression mechanics, and another seems to be the start of a full campaign style gamemode with plans to expand to other game types. The latter clearly has more content, but as I recall it was rife with untested code and overengineering, so take it with a grain of salt.

None of them seem to be the definitive "right" version. Any restoration efforts should consider them all as being of relatively equal importance. Surgical code extraction from each into a fresh new gamemode would likely be the best approach to restoring it to a functional state.


Decompiled Source engine content staged for modifications.


Some maps used for development. Some of them are decompiled Source maps with and without edits, and some are from scratch.


Do as you will with this. Visit the Gitter chat if you want to contribute or have questions about the code.


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