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Placate nervous releasers after git push stderr output shows in red #20

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sbt member
Push changes to the remote repository (y/n)? [y] > y
[error] To git@git:efgfp/analytics.git
[error]    ec38e8a..24aa91c  master -> master
[error] To git@git:efgfp/analytics.git
[error]  * [new tag]         v0.7.17 -> v0.7.17
[info] Set current project to analytics-tools (in build file:/C:/code/analytics/)

I'd suggest to add a line here with "git push sends it's console output to standard error, which will cause the next few lines to be marked as [error].

sbt member

Yeah, i haven't gotten around to doing that. Redirecting with the Process API didn't actually work (in contrast to what the documentation says) and adding 2>&1 as parameter is a no-go either. I'll add the line for the next release.

@gseitz gseitz closed this in 14669d4
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