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Tayler is a log tailing implementation forked from Apache Commons IO, providing improved performances, bug fixes, cleaner APIs and a codebase which will be actively maintained and developed :)


First, you need to implement the tayler.TailerListener or tayler.TailerListenerAdapter, providing an implementation for the following API methods:

  • init: called on listener initialization.
  • handle: called at each line handling.
  • fileNotFound: called if the tailed file is not found.
  • fileRotated: called if the tailed file is rotated.
  • error: called in case of tail/handling errors.
  • stop: called after stopping tailer.

Then, you just create a tayler.Tailer object by specifying the following constructor arguments:

  • file: the log file to tail.
  • listener: the previously implemented listener.
  • delay: the tail delay time, in milliseconds.
  • end: a boolean specifying if tailing from start or end of file.
  • bufferSize: the size of the buffer for buffered reads, in bytes.

The tayler.Tailer object is indeed a Runnable, so the final step is to start a thread or submit it to an executor in order to actually start tailing. That's it.


Tayler is a self-contained jar you can download from the Downloads section above.

If you're a Maven user, you can also configure Tayler on your project by importing the Clojars repository:


And then declaring the dependency:



Contact me on twitter.


Distributed under the Apache Software License.