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Resources - SBU PGSA Comp and Course Materials

This is a repository for the Stony Brook Physics Graduate Student Association to store and maintain relevant course and comprehensive examination resources

Old Comps and their Solutions from various schools

The Old Comp Questions folder contains the publicly available comp questions (and many typed answers also publicly available) from several schools, including Stony Brook, in addition to PDFs of several books containing more solved problems.

Written solutions to relevant problems

Over the years many of us have either handwritten or typed our own solutions to comps and other relevant questions while studying for our comps and would like to make those efforts publically available.

Tests, problems, and their solutions to the various common courses

Some of us have compiled the tests, problems, and their solutions and would like to share them with the rest of the Stony Brook students. These problems are often reused, but once they are made publicly available they are unlikely to be reused.

Guides to common courses, comps, and graduate school in general

Some of us have even written full guides to passing the common courses or their comps, or just graduate school in general. All such guides are either available or linked to from here.


A repository for sharing comprehensive exam study materials with SBU Physics Grad Students



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