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A CSparse PLSI implementation
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This is some work I did as part of a research project at the end of my
bachelors studies. There's nothing really new here, just an implementation
of plsi for sparse matrices.

My advisor for the project was Dr. Tim Davis, the creator of many of
MATLAB's sparse matrix algorithms. My project is a small extension of his
library and therefore obviously has a dependency on CSparse/CXSparse.

I haven't touched this code since early 2010, so I don't quite remember
the details on how it all works. See cs_plsi.m for a short example on how
to use this properly. Also see the documentation in cs_plsi.c for more 

Many thanks to Dr. Tim Davis ( for the
help while writing this.

You can see two matrices which I used this on here:

Please see INSTALL for installation instructions.
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