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Home page for the Supreme Chi-Town Coding Crew
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What is the Supreme Chi-Town Coding Crew?

We are a small group of aspiring web developers and journalists based in Chicago who meet regularly to learn basic web skills and work on data journalism and civic technology projects. Learn about SC3's principles in our manifesto.

How do I join?

Come to OpenHack at FreeGeek Chicago, every Saturday from 1pm-5pm at 3411 W. Diversey. Details available on the FreeGeek Chicago calendar.


  • Cook County Inmate Tracker - A Django-based web API that provides data about inmates in Cook County Jail by scraping for the Sheriff's Inmate Locator. Status: 2.0 version in development. 1.0 version is inefficient and complicated but stable. Both versions are available online.
  • 26th and California - Tarbell-based data visualizaton site for the Cook County Jail API. Status: In active development.
  • Townsquare 2 - A Django application for tracking volunteer participation. Status: Alpha quality, in development.
  • Chicago Birthrates - A simple application that visualizes birthrates in Chicago based on the city data portal. Status: Stable version 1.0, demo site is broken.
  • Townsquare 1 - A Drupal distribution for tracking volunteer participation. Status: In production at FreeGeek Chicago, not maintained as a public project.
  • Hopper VM - A lightweight virtual machine for apps development Status: Not maintained.


All files in this repository are by the work by Supreme Chi-Town Coding Crew and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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