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Scala Documentation

This repository contains the source for the Scala documentation website, as well as the source for "Scala Improvement Process" (SIP) documents.


Please have a look at before making a contribution. This document gives an overview of the type of documentation contained within the Scala Documentation repository and the repository's structure.

Small changes, or corrected typos will generally be pulled in right away. Large changes, like the addition of new documents, or the rewriting of existing documents will be thoroughly reviewed-- please keep in mind that, generally, new documents must be very well-polished, complete, and maintained in order to be accepted.


This site uses a Jekyll, a Ruby framework. You'll need Ruby and Bundler installed; see Jekyll installation instructions for the details.

Building & Viewing

cd into the directory where you cloned this repository, then install the required gems with bundle install. This will automatically put the gems into ./vendor/bundle.

Start the server in the context of the bundle:

bundle exec jekyll serve

The generated site is available at http://localhost:4000

If you add --watch at the end of the command line above, Jekyll will automatically watch for changes on the filesystem, and regenerate the site. It can take a few minutes for your changes to appear. Watch Jekyll's output. When you start up you'll see this:

 $ bundle exec jekyll serve --watch
 Configuration file: /Users/ben/src/
             Source: /Users/ben/src/
        Destination: /Users/ben/src/
Auto-regeneration: enabled for '/Users/ben/src/'

When you change a file, this output will tell you that jekyll is regenerating. It's not done until it says done.

Server running... press ctrl-c to stop.
  Regenerating: 1 files at 2014-11-29 09:19:04 ...done.
  Regenerating: 3 files at 2014-11-29 09:21:39 ...done.
  Regenerating: 2 files at 2014-11-29 09:25:10 ...done.
  Regenerating: 2 files at 2014-11-29 09:27:49

If you get incompatible encoding errors when generating the site under Windows, then ensure that the console in which you are running jekyll can work with UTF-8 characters. As described in the blog Solving UTF problem with Jekyll on Windows you have to execute chcp 65001. This command is best added to the jekyll.bat-script.


The markdown used in this site uses kramdown extensions.

Markdown Editor for OSX

There's a free markdown editor for OSX called Mou. It's quite convenient to work with, and it generates the translated Markdown in real-time alongside of your editor window, as can be seen here:

Mou Screen Shot


All documentation contained in this repository is licensed by EPFL under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license ("CC-BY-SA"), unless otherwise noted. By submitting a "pull request," or otherwise contributing to this repository, you implicitly agree to license your contribution under the above CC-BY-SA license. The source code of this website is licensed to EPFL under the Scala License, unless otherwise noted.

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