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/* NSC -- new Scala compiler
* Copyright 2006-2013 LAMP/EPFL
* @author Lex Spoon
import io.{ File }
import util.{ ClassPath, ScalaClassLoader }
import Properties.{ versionString, copyrightString }
import interpreter.{ ILoop }
import GenericRunnerCommand._
object JarRunner extends CommonRunner {
def runJar(settings: GenericRunnerSettings, jarPath: String, arguments: Seq[String]): Either[Throwable, Boolean] = {
val jar = new io.Jar(jarPath)
val mainClass = jar.mainClass getOrElse sys.error("Cannot find main class for jar: " + jarPath)
val jarURLs = ClassPath expandManifestPath jarPath
val urls = if (jarURLs.isEmpty) File(jarPath).toURL +: settings.classpathURLs else jarURLs
if (settings.Ylogcp.value) {
Console.err.println("Running jar with these URLs as the classpath:")
urls foreach println
runAndCatch(urls, mainClass, arguments)
/** An object that runs Scala code. It has three possible
* sources for the code to run: pre-compiled code, a script file,
* or interactive entry.
class MainGenericRunner {
def errorFn(ex: Throwable): Boolean = {
def errorFn(str: String): Boolean = {
Console.err println str
def process(args: Array[String]): Boolean = {
val command = new GenericRunnerCommand(args.toList, (x: String) => errorFn(x))
import command.{ settings, howToRun, thingToRun }
def sampleCompiler = new Global(settings) // def so its not created unless needed
if (!command.ok) return errorFn("\n" + command.shortUsageMsg)
else if (settings.version.value) return errorFn("Scala code runner %s -- %s".format(versionString, copyrightString))
else if (command.shouldStopWithInfo) return errorFn(command getInfoMessage sampleCompiler)
def isE = !settings.execute.isDefault
def dashe = settings.execute.value
def isI = !settings.loadfiles.isDefault
def dashi = settings.loadfiles.value
// Deadlocks on startup under -i unless we disable async.
if (isI)
settings.Yreplsync.value = true
def combinedCode = {
val files = if (isI) dashi map (file => File(file).slurp()) else Nil
val str = if (isE) List(dashe) else Nil
files ++ str mkString "\n\n"
def runTarget(): Either[Throwable, Boolean] = howToRun match {
case AsObject =>
ObjectRunner.runAndCatch(settings.classpathURLs, thingToRun, command.arguments)
case AsScript =>
ScriptRunner.runScriptAndCatch(settings, thingToRun, command.arguments)
case AsJar =>
JarRunner.runJar(settings, thingToRun, command.arguments)
case Error =>
case _ =>
// We start the repl when no arguments are given.
Right(new ILoop process settings)
/** If -e and -i were both given, we want to execute the -e code after the
* -i files have been included, so they are read into strings and prepended to
* the code given in -e. The -i option is documented to only make sense
* interactively so this is a pretty reasonable assumption.
* This all needs a rewrite though.
if (isE) {
ScriptRunner.runCommand(settings, combinedCode, thingToRun +: command.arguments)
else runTarget() match {
case Left(ex) => errorFn(ex)
case Right(b) => b
object MainGenericRunner extends MainGenericRunner {
def main(args: Array[String]) {
if (!process(args))
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