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For the benefit of future debugger users, let the context print some …

…more useful information about error reporting
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hubertp committed May 22, 2012
1 parent f406550 commit 29c8e323c589058a0668a249a39fec28293c45ca
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  1. +2 −2 src/compiler/scala/tools/nsc/typechecker/Contexts.scala
@@ -438,8 +438,8 @@ trait Contexts { self: Analyzer =>

def enclosingContextChain: List[Context] = this :: outer.enclosingContextChain

override def toString = "Context(%s@%s unit=%s scope=%s errors=%b)".format(
owner.fullName, tree.shortClass, unit, scope.##, hasErrors
override def toString = "Context(%s@%s unit=%s scope=%s errors=%b, reportErrors=%b, throwErrors=%b)".format(
owner.fullName, tree.shortClass, unit, scope.##, hasErrors, reportErrors, throwErrors
/** Is `sub` a subclass of `base` or a companion object of such a subclass?

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