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Scala+GWT Project

Scala+GWT Project


forked from lexspoon/scalagwt-scala

Temporary fork of Scala for supporting Scala+GWT.

Updated April 11, 2012


forked from rfc2616/scalagwt-sample

Sample Scala+GWT project

Updated April 11, 2012


Temporary fork of GWT where we add hooks to support Scala

Updated April 10, 2012

Scala 8 2


Infrastructure for building scala-library-gwt.jar

Updated April 07, 2012

Java 3 0


Scala+GWT's mirror of the GWT SVN repository

Updated February 22, 2012

JavaScript 16 3

The Scala+GWT project aims to compile Scala code for the browser via the GWT toolchain

Updated January 21, 2012

Scala 11 4


Jribble library

Updated September 01, 2011

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