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Sri (Scalajs React interface) is a scalajs library to build truly native cross platform (mobile (ios and android) and web) applications. It is based on reactjs and react-native, so you must be familiar with them in order to use this library.


Code of Conduct

If you want live happily in sri org, you need to adapt to two simple things diversity and equality.


  1. Realise the fact that not every human Mother Tongue is English.

  2. If you find someones English is not good,try to help that person or just ignore and do your work.


  1. What ever tag(CEO,VP,Lead,Sr.Dev,Architect,Jr.Dev,..) you have before your name,you're just another human being on this planet.

  2. If you find someone doing wrong technically,try fixing it by sending a PR/guide constructively or just ignore and do your work.



If you have any question regarding sri , create an issue here

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