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Tiny Scala high-performance, async web framework, inspired by Sinatra
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notes version 2.4.0
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slf4j/src/main/scala/org/scalatra/slf4j Have valid request/response in scope when an AtmosphereClient is cons…
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crosspaths.sbt fiddle a bit with the build, fix tostring on a binding
publishing.sbt upgrade a bunch of dependencies but not jetty
sbt Fixing typesafe repository.
version.sbt Start 2.4.1 development


Scalatra Build Status

Join the chat at

Scalatra is a tiny, Sinatra-like web framework for Scala.


import org.scalatra._

class ScalatraExample extends ScalatraServlet {
  get("/") {
    <h1>Hello, world!</h1>


If you're just starting out, see the installation and first project sections of our website.

Once you've done that, take a look at the Scalatra Guides for documentation on all aspects of the framework, code examples, and more. We also have an extensive selection of Example Applications which accompany the tutorials in the Scalatra Guides.

Latest version

The latest stable version of Scalatra is 2.4.0, and is published to Maven Central.

libraryDependencies += "org.scalatra" %% "scalatra" % "2.4.0"

Development version

The 2.4.x branch is published as 2.4.1-SNAPSHOT to OSSRH.

resolvers += "Sonatype Nexus Snapshots" at ""

libraryDependencies += "org.scalatra" %% "scalatra" % "2.4.1-SNAPSHOT"


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