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SSGI: the Scala Server Gateway Interface

SSGI is a low-level API for developing web applications and web frameworks in Scala.

Similar frameworks

SSGI is influenced by server gateways in several other languages:

Infrequently Asked Questions

Why not just use the Java Servlet API?

As a JVM language, the Java Servlet API is a viable option for Scala web development. However, we do not find that the Servlet API is suitable for idiomatic Scala development, with its mutable variables, null-returning methods, and archaic collection types. SSGI lets you deploy to servlet containers without coupling your app to the Servlet specification.

How is this project related to Scalatra?

This project was initially conceived by the Scalatra development team. It may in the future be used to break Scalatra's hard dependency on the Servlet API. It may flourish as a separate project without ever being integrated into Scalatra. It may prove to be a horrendous idea and be left to rot on GitHub. Only time will tell.