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An analogue digital scrumboard
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Click here to lend your support to: Scrummie - first stable release of analogue digital Scrum board and make a donation at !

The rise of agile software development in recent years has created a need for automated task boards. Issue tracking and project management software currently facilitate agile processes such as Scrum. However, these full-fledged systems lack the versatility of a paper task board. They often limit user rights and offer overly complex workflows. This can result in suboptimal work processes or unnecessary frustrations in teams.

As a developer working in Scrum teams, I have seen many paper and digital task boards but all of them have too much limitations. Always I thought: “it shouldn’t be that difficult”. My colleagues stood behind me when I did took on the challenge to create, what I describe as, an analogue digital Scrum board named Scrummie.

This is a task board with the freedom of a paper version and is not limited with complex workflows. Of course, it is a digitial web service so people can use it everywhoere. For example when working from home or at locations within your organisation away from where the Scrum team is housed.

The team I am currently working in has helped out with interaction design, user interface, feature requests, project exposure and, very importantly, using it. This has been valuable feedback in terms of user testing. However, in order to stabilise the development process that newly added functionality does not break existing functionality, Scrummie needs amogst other things addition of a lot of unit tests. To make it more robust in usage its needs input validation. For customisation purposes the configuration needs to be extended to easily apply branding or colour schemes.

Scrummie is distributed under the GNU General Public License, version 3. You can download and use it for free.

Donate now to stabilise the development process and add functionality resulting in release of version 1.0 of Scrummie at pledgie

You can find a demo here

Scrummie Logo

Scrummie projects overview

Scrummie scrumboard

Scrummie project setup


  • Anne Heijkoop - Design
  • Joost den Boer - Docker support
  • Joost van Dieten - Jira integration
  • Robin Smit - Fitnesse Tests
  • Sander van Geloven -
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