airprobe patch supports gnuradio 3.7 and hackrf
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The new version 3.7 GNU Radio is not compatible with AirProbe. You will need to install GNU Radio 3.6. However, neeo from the comments section of this post has created a patch which makes AirProbe compatible with GNU Radio 3.7.

Install libosmocore

git clone git://
cd libosmocore
autoreconf –i
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

Install airprobe

Only patch airprobe/gsm-receiver

$ cd airprobe
$ patch -p1 < ~/hackrf/01Book/files/GSM/zmiana.patch

  patching file gsm-receiver/Makefile.common
  patching file gsm-receiver/config/gr_libgnuradio_core_extra_ldflags.m4
  patching file gsm-receiver/config/gr_standalone.m4
  patching file gsm-receiver/src/lib/Makefile.swig.gen
  patching file gsm-receiver/src/lib/gsm.i
  patching file gsm-receiver/src/lib/gsm_constants.h
  patching file gsm-receiver/src/lib/
  patching file gsm-receiver/src/lib/gsm_receiver_cf.h
  patching file gsm-receiver/src/python/

$ . ./bootstrap