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# $Id$
(We should update this file before we release a 2.3.0 -- there have been
six versions since 2.2.0. I believe 2.2.1 thru 2.2.6 were all bugfix
and security updates. - Jamie, August 2003)
slash-2.2.0, 2001.11.07
* Fix multi-language date handling (Alessio Bragadini)
* More minor changes to formatting, parameter checking and
filtering, seclevs, etc.
* More changes to stats report
* "section" field added to accesslog table (really changed
in slash 2.1.1, but not documented):
section varchar(30) DEFAULT 'index' NOT NULL;
* Added two keys to moderatorlog schema
slash-2.1.1, 2001.10.31
* Some slash2toslash2.2 tweaks
* Make utils/slash use the REAL slashd pid files
* Bunches of Search fixes
* Fix attaching polls to stories
* Bunches of IPID/ban/troll modifications
* Make plugins return false for getObject if not installed
* Delete web messages after (default) 31 days, queued
messages after (default) 7 days
* Messaging fixes (hashref passed cannot be used again)
* Add install-theme
* Make ForumZilla support work again; still needs some polishing up
* Add feature to not set all AC posts at -1, and another
to prefix all sigs with "--", and another to show
stories from all sections on homepage, instead of just
ones set to show on home page
* Normalize some seclevs
* Fix up archiving stories
* Add basic support for multiple form values (many values to
one name)
* Add support to override constants and form elements via
Apache configuration
* Add LINK REL support (chromatic)
* Add PNG to topic image types
* Fix formkeys to not produce duplicate formkeys; add rand
seeding to Slash::Apache::User to prevent duplicating seed
* Tweaking of compression and content filters
* Lots of small bugfixes (if you don't see it here, we didn't
deem it very important ;)
* Lots of minor fixes to text, markup, filters, formatting,
etc. ad nasueam
slash-2.1.0, 2001.10.12
* Tons of things. Too numerous to mention any of it. We
completely rewrote major portions of the code, and changed
every file, just about. That's why it was five months
between releases.
slash-2.0.0, 2001.05.09
* Fix to count in Search properly from Older Stories box
* Add substr() scalar op in slashDisplay
* Doc updates
* Don't show sig or moderation/link stuff in
* Show story body in light mode
* Put proper values in site.conf for port and for hostname
(when hostname and site name didn't match, or port was
* Keep journals together by date properly for local timezone
* Add new DB method, getLastInsertId, to replace
MySQL-specific LAST_INSERT_ID() selects
* Remove more instances of DATE_FORMAT()
* Fix bug in saving to moderatorlog; see INSTALL for DB
* Add in dump file for Search plugin
* Collapse illegal characters in search to spaces, instead
of just removing them
* Don't include department and description in RSS file if
not included
* Allow deleting of several fields in preferences
(before, blanking them out left them alone)
slash-2.0.0-pre3, 2001.04.25
* Fixed syntax error in, removed unused getArticle()
* Fixed bad method calls in Slash::DB::Static::MySQL
* Fixed broken bulk mail calls in dailyStuff
* Fixed colors not displaying after save in color editor
* Fixed story list times in
* Added Even More upgrade information to INSTALL, regarding
what templates to add/delete with each version
* Makefile fixes
slash-2.0.0-pre2, 2001.04.24
* Added more information to INSTALL and INSTALL.debian
* Makefile fixes
* RPM support
* Move sendEmail to Slash::Utility
* Allow createSelect to take an arrayref, in addition to
already taking a hashref
* Fix getData calls in to get proper page/section set
* Fix Slash::Apache::IndexHandler
* Added sqlTransaction* functions as placeholders for transaction
support, which, for now, do table locking for MySQL
* Various fixes in Slash::DB::MySQL, including proper saving
of description for vars, creation of stories in newstories
table, some time calculations
* Added exists() method to Slash::Install to check for existence
of installed plugin
* Allow passing of time offset to timeCalc()
* Export fixint() from Slash::Utility
* Fix template-tool to use -O option for saving templates
* Added slashstyle.pod and boilerplates to docs/
* Various minor fixes to
* A bunch of changes to Journal, including fixes and changes
for previewing, themes, templates, RSS, top journals, and
additions of pagination and viewing recent journal entry
on user's info page *
* Search now works. XML/RSS search features have been added;
use content_type=rss to get data in RSS format
* Catch links to old .shtml article pages and redirect to the
correct location in
* Fixes to story links and story titles on
* Fixes to, including proper saving of slashboxes
(exboxes) from editHome page
* Various minor fixes to templates
* Change RSS policy to _not_ "HTML-encode" the link elements,
added xmlencode_plain function
slash-2.0.0-pre1, 2001.03.20
* Added utils/slash1toslash2, a program for upgrading from a Slash
1.0 installation
* Added upgrade info and more info to INSTALL and README
* Changed selectTopic and selectSection in to only
return "All Topics" and "All Sections" if specifically
requested with optional parameter
* Fixed bug in Slash::Apache::Log where data was not getting
properly passed to writeLog(), so accesslog was not getting
proper data, and story hit counts were not getting updated
* Fix submissions to insert anonymous UID instead of user's UID
if submission is submitted anonymously (without a name)
* Fix totalComments to increment properly
* Remove code to delete old comments
* Change Slash::Install to be newline-agnostic in PLUGIN files
* Change Slash::Utility::isAnon to return true for "bad" UIDs
(non-integer, non-positive)
* Fix Slash::Utility::prepareUser to populate TZ and offset
info for anonymous user when not through Apache
* Add option to install-plugin to install as symlinks (like
install-slashsite); fix install-plugin to accept a single
* Move more info to site.conf from slash.conf; clean up in
slash.conf, removing redundant directives
* Fix singular/plural problem for comment count in
and templates
* Minor fixed to various templates
slash-1.1.6-bender, 2001.03.14
* Major overhaul of command-line tools; many options have changed;
all of the ones (except for the ones in sbin/) have -h (help)
and -v (version) options now, so check the help before use
* Lots of changes to the Makefile to work more smoothly on various
platforms, and set hardcoded values for /usr/bin/perl and
/usr/local/slash appropriately; changed PREFIX to SLASH_PREFIX
to not conflict with perl's Makefiles
* Move more directives out of slash.conf into site.conf
* Fix bug with createSelect() returning data when there are
no options
* Update sessions to work properly again
* Make session-based user logins work properly again
* Update cookie on every connect, as it was not getting updated
when it needed to be; perhaps change in the future, but
necessary for now
* Remove remnants of userMode and archived stories on disk
* Add disconnect in Slash::Apache initial startup
* Add "userdir_handler" to allow sites to allow user lookups
* Fixes to various Slash::DB::MySQL methods, including
getMetamodComments, getSessionInstance, currentAdmin,
setUser, _genericSet
* Name changes to Slash::DB methods setStoriesCount
(now setStoryCount), createFormkey (was insertFormkey),
createAbuse (was formAbuse), checkForMetaModerator
(was checkForModerator)
* countComments has been split into four methods; *BySid,
*BySidUid, *BySidPid, and FindCommentsDuplicate
* Update story count for newstories more approriately now;
setStoryCount and setStory now update newstories as well
as stories table
* Various fixes to time-related calls in DB methods
* Add "restart" boolean paramater to sqlConnect in
Slash::DB::Utility to allow disconnect of db handle,
followed by subsequent connect
* Add public function get_template to Slash::Display, so
external programs can get an appropriate Template
* Remove "template_trim" option; it needs to be true for some
things to work properly
* Add support for saving compiled templates to disk to
* Fix whitespace handling in strip_mode in Slash::Utility
* Allow _ in sid; properly filter qid like sid in Slash::Utility
* Various fixes to tools, especially install-slashsite,
template-tool, tailslash, dailyStuff, slashd
* Add HOWTO documents for Themes, Templates, and Plugins
* Various minor fixes to .pl files, including,,
* Fix various miscellaneous text/UI thingys in data dumps,
templates, and plugins
* Fix Search to work
* Added template-check program
slash-1.1.5-bender, 2001.03.02
* Bunches of changes for Makefiles, version numbers, textual
* Removed CGI and CGI::Cookie for Apache modules and functions
* Added getCurrentCookie and createCurrentCookie to exported
functions from Slash::Utility
* Added gensym to exported functions from Slash
* Removed story/comment archiving, newcomments table
* Removed dispStoryTitle template, rolling into dispStory templates
* Fixed up error logging
* Added "X-Powered-By: Slash" HTTP header
* More fixes to PostgreSQL library
* Changed DB connect to use connect_cached
* Make some template options configurable in vars table
(template_* vars)
* Fix circular reference in Slash::Display calling
Slash::Display::Plugin unnecessarily
* Add option (default) to create new files as symlinks to the
originals, instead of copying each file, for
install-slashsite and install-plugin (and Slash::Install).
* Added .shtml and .inc to site .conf, for MIME type and
handling as server-parsed
* Updated slash.conf to not include Compress::Zlib
* Updated Bundle::Slash
* Various fixes to Admin and Search
* Added new vars and reworked when dailyStuff is run, using
daily_last, daily_attime, daily_tz
* Made poll on home page optionally display cached block,
or hit DB to get current data (poll_cache var)
* Fixed various bugs with templates
slash-1.1.4-bender, 2001.02.16
* Fixed to list sections in submission editing
* Minor modifications to the ERD
* Changed language code from two characters (e.g. "en") to five
characters, lang + country (e.g., "en_US"), in templates
and user prefs
* Removed CR from templates; fix to Slash::Display::Provider
and template-tool to remove CR from templates
* Various template bugfixes
* Various fixes in all code for adding in missing "rootdir" to
* Cleaned up list of included modules in httpd.conf
* Added various MIME types and DirectoryIndex directive to
* Fix for modertatordLog() problem in Slash::DB::Static::MySQL
* Added MAIN2bender preliminary script
slash-1.1.3-bender, 2001.02.08
* Changed copyright/license info in source files
* Changed SQL files to be extended INSERTs for increased
* Added additional paramter to Slash::sendEmail() (called
by dailyStuff) to allow for Precedence: bulk header,
where mail sent is bulk mail (Alessio Bragadini)
* Added more documentation in Slash::DB
* Fix author sessions
* Save templates into their own directory, as individual
files, instead of in a data dump file; disallow ";" in
template name/page/section, as template pseudoname
(for saving to filesystem and for displaying in comments)
will be "name;page;section"
* Fix to Slash::Display and Slash::Display::Plugin so
plugins that call slashDisplay() will use the plugin's
context for template processing
* Fix to Slash::Display so TRIM, PRE_CHOMP and POST_CHOMP
are passed to Provider->new instead of Template->new
* Rework how encoding/decoding escaping/unescaping is handled
in slashd and portald; added xmlencode() and xmldecode()
to Slash::Utility
* Added insertion of plugin's description to site_info table
on install
* Added the insertion of plugin description to the site_info
* Makefile now defaults INIT to /etc instead of /etc/rc.d
* Addition to template-tool to save compiled form of
* Page and Section pulldowns for templates in now
work correctly
* Added editing of site info to
* User admin changes include checkbox for denoting author, and
function to create a new user
* Added two additional colors, one foreground and one background,
to color editor in
* Fixes for brokenness with email/homepage data
* Remove excess portald blocks, put into separate plugin
* Added Ladybug problem tracking system
* Miscellaneous code and template bugfixes
slash-1.1.2-bender, 2001.01.16
First beta for Slash 2.0. EVERYTHING changed. We won't even bother
listing it all. Just a few highlights:
* Database functionality moved out into Slash::DB; now
database-independent with support for MySQL and initial,
alpha-level support for PostgreSQL
* Use Template Toolkit for displaying text
* More hooks into Apache
* Redesigned login and authentication
* Redesigned paths etc. on the filesystem
* Simplified installation and configuration
That's all. See the other docs and appropriate forums for more details.