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slash-1.1.5-bender, 2000.03.02
* Bunches of changes for Makefiles, version numbers, textual
* Removed CGI and CGI::Cookie for Apache modules and functions
* Added getCurrentCookie and createCurrentCookie to exported
functions from Slash::Utility
* Added gensym to exported functions from Slash
* Removed story/comment archiving, newcomments table
* Removed dispStoryTitle template, rolling into dispStory templates
* Fixed up error logging
* Added "X-Powered-By: Slash" HTTP header
* More fixes to PostgreSQL library
* Changed DB connect to use connect_cached
* Make some template options configurable in vars table
(template_* vars)
* Fix circular reference in Slash::Display calling
Slash::Display::Plugin unnecessarily
* Add option (default) to create new files as symlinks to the
originals, instead of copying each file, for
install-slashsite and install-plugin (and Slash::Install).
* Added .shtml and .inc to site .conf, for MIME type and
handling as server-parsed
* Updated slash.conf to not include Compress::Zlib
* Updated Bundle::Slash
* Various fixes to Admin and Search
* Added new vars and reworked when dailyStuff is run, using
daily_last, daily_attime, daily_tz
* Made poll on home page optionally display cached block,
or hit DB to get current data (poll_cache var)
* Fixed various bugs with templates
slash-1.1.4-bender, 2000.02.16
* Fixed to list sections in submission editing
* Minor modifications to the ERD
* Changed language code from two characters (e.g. "en") to five
characters, lang + country (e.g., "en_US"), in templates
and user prefs
* Removed CR from templates; fix to Slash::Display::Provider
and template-tool to remove CR from templates
* Various template bugfixes
* Various fixes in all code for adding in missing "rootdir" to
* Cleaned up list of included modules in httpd.conf
* Added various MIME types and DirectoryIndex directive to
* Fix for modertatordLog() problem in Slash::DB::Static::MySQL
* Added MAIN2bender preliminary script
slash-1.1.3-bender, 2000.02.08
* Changed copyright/license info in source files
* Changed SQL files to be extended INSERTs for increased
* Added additional paramter to Slash::sendEmail() (called
by dailyStuff) to allow for Precedence: bulk header,
where mail sent is bulk mail (Alessio Bragadini)
* Added more documentation in Slash::DB
* Fix author sessions
* Save templates into their own directory, as individual
files, instead of in a data dump file; disallow ";" in
template name/page/section, as template pseudoname
(for saving to filesystem and for displaying in comments)
will be "name;page;section"
* Fix to Slash::Display and Slash::Display::Plugin so
plugins that call slashDisplay() will use the plugin's
context for template processing
* Fix to Slash::Display so TRIM, PRE_CHOMP and POST_CHOMP
are passed to Provider->new instead of Template->new
* Rework how encoding/decoding escaping/unescaping is handled
in slashd and portald; added xmlencode() and xmldecode()
to Slash::Utility
* Added insertion of plugin's description to site_info table
on install
* Added the insertion of plugin description to the site_info
* Makefile now defaults INIT to /etc instead of /etc/rc.d
* Addition to template-tool to save compiled form of
* Page and Section pulldowns for templates in now
work correctly
* Added editing of site info to
* User admin changes include checkbox for denoting author, and
function to create a new user
* Added two additional colors, one foreground and one background,
to color editor in
* Fixes for brokenness with email/homepage data
* Remove excess portald blocks, put into separate plugin
* Added Ladybug problem tracking system
* Miscellaneous code and template bugfixes
slash-1.1.2-bender, 2000.01.16
First beta for Slash 2.0. EVERYTHING changed. We won't even bother
listing it all. Just a few highlights:
* Database functionality moved out into Slash::DB; now
database-independent with support for MySQL and initial,
alpha-level support for PostgreSQL
* Use Template Toolkit for displaying text
* More hooks into Apache
* Redesigned login and authentication
* Redesigned paths etc. on the filesystem
* Simplified installation and configuration
That's all. See the other docs and appropriate forums for more details.
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