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Rough divelog in C and Gtk

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Half-arsed divelog software in C.

I'm tired of java programs that don't work etc.

License: GPLv2

You need libxml2-devel and gtk2-devel to build this.


	./divelog dives/*.xml

to see my dives (with no notes or commentary).

There's a lot of duplicates in there, and divelog will de-duplicate the
ones that are exactly the same (just because they were imported multiple
times).  But at least two of the dives have duplicates that were edited
by Dirk in the Suunto Dive Manager, so they don't trigger the "exact
duplicates" match.

WARNING! I wasn't kidding when I said that I've done this by reading
gtk2 tutorials as I've gone along.  If somebody is more comfortable with
gtk, feel free to send me (signed-off) patches.

Just as an example of the extreme hackiness of the code, I don't even
bother connecting a signal for the "somebody edited the dive info"
cases.  I just save/restore the dive info every single time you switch
dives.  Christ! That's truly lame.

Also, I don't actually integrate directly with libdivecomputer, I just
read the XML files it can spit out.  But I included my own raw dive
profile xml files for anybody who isn't a diver, but decides that they
want to educate me in gtk.

NOTE! Some of the dives are pretty pitiful.  All the last dives are from
my divemaster course, so they are from following open water students
along (many of them the confined*water dives).  There a lot of the
action is at the surface, so some of the "dives" are 4ft deep and 2min
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