ruby bindings to libfreenect
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Kinectaby - libfreenect Ruby bindings

Kinectaby is a first pass at Ruby bindings to the amazing Kinect libfreenect driver.


First you need a Kinect.

Then you need to install libfreenect.

Next, you need to install rake-compiler:

$ sudo gem install rake-compiler

Then you need to get and compile this.

$ git clone git://
$ cd kinectaby
$ rake compile
$ rake test


require 'kinectaby'

context =

device = context.open_device(0)
# OR #
device = Kinectaby.device  # will just get the first one
device.led = Kinectaby::LED_RED
device.tilt = 30 # degree tilt, from -30 to 30

# synchronous video/depth capture (i can get about 30fps)

dframe =
vframe =

while true do
  puts "depth"
  puts frame.point(x, y) # 0 to 2047

  puts "video"
  puts frame.point(x, y)


I'm still playing with the values I'm getting back (sorry, I'm kind of new at this), but for now the get_depth() call returns a frame with 640x480 data points, each an 11 bit value (0 to 2047, where 2047 is far away and 0 is close to the camera).

example output from the examples/viewer.rb opengl ruby script looking at the depth data:

and this is how to properly mount the device for optimal image capture:

That opengl script is horribly slow, once I figure out what kind of data I need from each frame, I can do it in C and process them a lot faster.

I'm still playing with the video data, but it's similar. It returns a 32-bit RGB integer value, I believe. I'll try to get an example gl script to show that off too.


So for now only synchronous data capture is possible - eventually I would like to get the async callbacks implemented as well. There are also some log calls and a log callback that should be bound. Finally, there is tilt and accelerometer data you can capture that we should be able to get. I've marked all the calls I haven't bound as 'TODO' in the kinectaby.c file. Eventually I should probably also split that out into seperate files.


Fork schacon/kinectaby on GitHub, make it awesomer (preferably in a branch named for the topic), send me a pull request.



MIT. See LICENSE file.