FluentMigrator with Sql Server Compact 4.0 is non-functional #244

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When working with the most recent (NuGet) build of FluentMigrator, I'm unable to get migrations working against Sql Server Compact 4.0.

Having debugged in to the codebase, the problem lies within the schema object queries on creation of the VersionInfo table.

FluentMigrator.Runner.Processors.SqlServer.SqlServerCeProcessor expects a SYS.SCHEMAS table which is used to query for existing schemas - Sql Server Compact 4.0 does not support schema objects, and I fail to see how this code has ever worked. I've not checked the version history so please correct me if I'm missing something obvious. I can't see any unit tests covering the SqlServerCeProcessor class, so maybe it's a work in progress?

I'm going to commence work on a pull request - just interested to know if this is a shared observation. Keen to get it remedied.


I think @daniellee was/is working on getting this work. You might want to have a look at his branches to see where he is up to before starting afresh.


I haven't found time for this recently and I'm still hoping to get it finished soon. @heinrichbreedt submitted a pull request that worked for Sql CE 4.0 but not 3.5. You can see this on my branch https://github.com/daniellee/fluentmigrator/tree/114


I use FluentMigrator ( from NuGet) with greate pleasure, but unfortunately there is still no support for Sql CE 4 (errors about schema occur).

I am developing a project with Sql Ce 4 so can you please provide support for Sql CE 4 in this very handy library?


This was fixed in #327.

@daniellee daniellee closed this May 2, 2013
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