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A Sphinx-doc theme based on Vuepress
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A modern responsive theme for python's Sphinx documentation generator.

See it in action on Press Theme own website

This theme is based on VuePress. It uses Vue.js & Stylus managed by webpack (through vue-cli).

Press theme is still in ALFA, some core Sphinx features still not available. Contributions are welcome.


First install the theme:

$ pip install sphinx_press_theme

On Sphinx project's set the theme name to press.

html_theme = "press"

See details on Sphinx theming docs.


First build web assets:

cd ui
npm run build

Sphinx theme has a soft link to built assets... Install theme locally with pip install -e ..

docs folder contains theme's own documentantion.

cd docs
make clean; make html


To update website:

cd ../press_site rsync -rvi ../sphinx_vuepress_theme/docs/build/html/ . git add --all

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