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This repository contains a circuit designed for driving electrostatic CRTs. For additional details on the circuit see There are several boards in this design:

  1. 1KV Power Supply This board takes a 12V input and steps it up to approximately 800V-1200V. The circuit can source several milliamps so be extremely cautious while using it to prevent nasty electric shocks. Voltages this high with even just a few milliamps can stop your heart!

Order from OSH Park:

  1. Electrostatic CRT Deflection and Video Amplifier The heart of the circuit is this board. It has two fully differential high voltage amplifiers/level shifters to drive the deflection plates, and a high-speed video amplifier (approx. 6MHz bandwidth) driving the CRT cathode. The input signals are all 3.3V analog. You may drive the video amplifier with a 0-3.3V analog video signal or a 3.3V logic level signal for blanking. Note that the default state has the beam OFF, so you will either need to connect the video in pin to 3.3V or adjust the brightness pot to see anything on the screen.

Order from OSH Park:

  1. Video Amplifier Bias Supply The deflection board needs a stiff 60V bias supply for the video amplifier. This board provides it given a 12V input. With some modifications you could use this board as a Nixie tube power supply. For that you would need to change the value of R1 and C5 (to have the proper voltage rating).

Order from OSH Park:


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