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Using Giiant with Providers

The following code should be added to the bootstrap of your yii application.

Customization with providers

  • CallbackProvider universal provider to modify any input, attribute or column with highly flexible callback functions
  • RelationProvider renders code for relations (eg. links, dropdowns)
  • EditorProvider renders RTE, like Ckeditor as input widget
  • DateTimeProvider renders date inputs
  • OptsProvider render a populated dropdown, if the model contains and optsColumnName() method.


In many cases you want to exchange i.e. some inputs with a customized version for your project. Examples for this use-case are editors, file-uploads or choosers, complex input widget with a modal screen, getting data via AJAX and so on.

With Giiant Providers you can create a queue of instances which may provide custom code depending on more complex rules. Take a look at some existing giiant providers.

To configure providers, add this to your provider list in the form or command configuration:


And to configure the settings of the provider, add settings via dependecy injection to your application config, e.g. in console/config/bootstrap.php:

        'columnNames' => ['description']

This will render a Ckeditor widget for every column named description.

<?= $form->field($model, 'description')->widget(
    'options' => ['rows' => 6],
    'preset' => 'basic'
]) ?>


Universal CallbackProvider

The callback provider allows you to override the values of model attributes during code generation. There are 3 sections this applies to:

  • columnFormats - used in GridView on the index view.
  • attributeFormats - used in DetailView on the view view.
  • activeFields, prependActiveFields and appendActiveFields - used in ActiveForm on the _form view.

These three properties activeFields (form), columnFormats (index) and attributeFormats (view) take an array of callbacks as input. The keys are evaluated as a regular expression to match the namespaced class and attribute name.

While the callback function takes the current attribute, model and generator as input parameters.

The configuration can be done via the dependency injection container of Yii2.

Define callbacks for input fields, which should be generated in _form view

Shorthand function

$checkboxField = function ($attribute, $model, $generator) {
    return "\$form->field(\$model, '{$attribute}')->checkbox()->label('active')";

Generate a checkbox for specific column (model attribute)

$activeFields = [
   'models\\\\Foo.isAvailable' => $checkboxField,

Finally add the configuration via DI container

        'activeFields'  => $activeFields,
        'columnFormats' => $columnFormats,
        'attributeFormats' => $attributeFormats,

More examples for this provider...

To generate dropdown list in GridView filed search filter set configuration via DI container

        'gridFilterDropdownRelation' => true,

Specialized providers


Use a DateTimePicker for the scheduled_at field:

\Yii::$container->set('schmunk42\giiant\generators\crud\providers\extensions\DateTimeProvider', [
    'columnNames' => ['scheduled_at'],


NOTE The OptsProvider matches every model with opts methods for a field, i.e. method optsMembers matches for model attribute members.

Example Model

Below is an example of the model we are working with. The methods required are:

  • optsStatus - return dropdown data in the ActiveForm on the form view.
  • getStatusLabel - return html string to be used in GridView and DetailView on the index and view pages.
namespace app\models;
use Yii;

class Job extends base\Job
    const STATUS_REQUESTED = 'requested';
    const STATUS_SCHEDULED = 'scheduled';
    const STATUS_DELIVERED = 'delivered';

    public static function optsStatus($type = null)
        return [
            null => '',
            self::STATUS_REQUESTED => self::STATUS_REQUESTED,
            self::STATUS_SCHEDULED => self::STATUS_SCHEDULED,
            self::STATUS_DELIVERED => self::STATUS_DELIVERED,

    public function getStatusLabel()
        return '<span class="label label-status-' . $this->status . '">' . $this->status . '</span>';

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