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a library to generate paje traces
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Poti is a library to create trace files in the Paje file format. You should not use it directly during the tracing of your application (I won't stop you from doing this if you want). I recommend its use after traces are collected in your preferred file format (probably binary with memory buffers to avoid at a maximum the tracing intrusion).

The current version of Poti does not provide any kind of correctness verification in the parameters you pass for the library functions.


Poti needs nothing in special, you should be able to compile it using your preferred compiler, and use it in any C program.

Clone and Compilation

No secrets here, just do:

$ git clone git://
$ cd poti
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make


The default installation directory is /usr/local/, but you are free to change that according to your needs. If you want so, you may tell cmake to use another installation directory with (I'm supposing you are inside the build directory in the cloned directory:

$ cmake -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/your/installation/directory/ ..


There is one simple example in the examples directory. It is compiled by default when you compile Poti. Try it with (I'm supposing you are inside the build directory in the cloned directory, after the cmake and make command):

$ ./examples/states


This is the current TODO list:

  • Check all function parameters and trace consistency according to the Paje file format
  • Use data structures instead of strings for all parameters
  • Add variable and instantaneous functions currently not implemented
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