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Chisel Examples

This repository is a collection of code examples for Chisel.

This collection will be moved to the latest version of Chisel, Chisel 3. I will collect notes in TowardsChisel3

The blinking LED (in hello-world) has been ported to Chisel 3. The other examples are still in Chisel 2.

Getting the Examples

$ git clone

The collection is organized as follows:

hello-world is a self contained minimal project for a blinking LED in an FPGA.

The rest of the examples are rooted in the current folder.

Needed Tools

  • A recent version of Java

  • The Scala build tool sbt

Running the examples

make alu Generates the Verilog files for the small ALU. Synthesize it for the DE0 board with Quartus and the alu project file.

make alu-test Generats the C++ based simulation and runs the tests.

See the Makefile for further examples, or simply run sbt run to see all objects with a main.

Notes using the DE10-Nano

Change switches for FPGA configuration to:

|* ** *|
| *  * |

Probably add USB blaster permissions for: Bus 001 Device 005: ID 09fb:6810 Altera and 09fb:6010

A TTL UART is connected to GPIO pins 1 and 2 of GPIO 0.

GND * *
    * *
    * *
    * *
    * *
txd * * rxd (pin 1)

rxd and txd are from the FPGA view, therefore TTL UART rxd needs to be connected to txd (pin 2) and the other way around.