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Punk is a cross-platform Steam client for desktop built on top of Vapor and Electron.

The UI is powered by React, Flux and the visuals are handled by Photon.


  • Friends list

    • Add, remove or block friends
    • Send, accept, decline or cancel friend requests
    • Display offline messages
  • Chatting

    • Chat with people in your friends list
    • Built-in chat logger
  • Trading

    • Accept, decline or cancel regular trades
    • Accept or send trade offers
  • Notifications

    • Dedicated notification badge for trade offers
    • Desktop notifications for chat messages and trade offers
  • Steam Community & Steam Store integration

    • Full interaction with these websites


Pre-built binaries as well as the source code snapshots can be found in the releases section.


Build & develop

After cloning the repo, run:

npm install
npm run build
# or
npm run watch

A dist folder will be created.

Running the application

npm start

Building the packages

npm run package

This will build package for your current platform in package/{platform}.

You can also override your current platform by passing it as a command line argument.

npm run package -- --platform={win32,darwin}


Punk stores all of your data in a single folder. The folder path depends on your operating system:

  • %APPDATA%/Punk on Windows
  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/Punk or ~/.config/Punk on Linux
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Punk on OS X

This folder contains user data, cache files, chat logs and application log. Make sure to remove this folder in case you decide to stop using Punk.