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⚠️ WARNING: This extension works, but it’s work in progress. It may not do what you expect. Back up your data. ⚠️

kern-a-lytics screenshot

Kern-A-Lytics v0.1

This extension helps analyzing and fixing the consistency of kerning across several masters.

A version for RoboFont and Glyphs is available.

UI Elements


The interactive graph is the main point of this extension. It visualizes the values of a kerning pair across a number of masters. Sliders can be dragged up and down (currently capped to 500/-500). A double-click on a slider will delete that kerning pair for that specific master.


The list contains all combined kerning pairs for all open UFOs.

The Glyphs plugin shows the kerning of all masters of the current font.

List Filter

The list filter contains various pre-set filtering options to look into the kerning based on a specific factor. I found this selection useful, but it may not be exhaustive at all. such as a list of exceptions, single pairs, very large kerning pairs, etc.


Delete Pairs: Delete current pair across all UFOs
Average Pairs: Set all pairs to their average value
Equalize Pairs: Set all pairs to be the same value as the currently selected UFO
Interpolate Pair: Interpolate selected pair(s)
+/- 10: Increase/decrease all selected pairs by 10 units
+/- 10%: These buttons are silly and not hooked up


Currently, masters are sorted by Robofont’s AllFonts('styleName') functionality. Obviously, this is not the smartest way, but it shall work for version 0.1

Re-sizing of the window is possible, but there are some problems with the canvas, and the list & buttons are not hooked up to the re-size operation. I don’t know how to fix the former, the latter will be fixed very soon.


The Kern-A-Lytics RoboFont extension is only compatible with Robofont 3.

The Glyphs plugin needs at least Glyphs 2.5-1120.


Robofont Extension for editing kerning in multiple UFOs




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