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C++ decoder for Automatic Identification System for tracking ships and decoding maritime information
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Library for decoding maritime Automatic Identification System messages.

See Also

Other open source AIS projects:


Building with legacy Makefile

make -f Makefile-custom test

Building with python

python build
python install

Building with CMake

cmake .


import ais
ais.decode('15PIIv7P00D5i9HNn2Q3G?wB0t0I', 0)
ais.decode('402u=TiuaA000r5UJ`H4`?7000S:', 0)
ais.decode('55NBjP01mtGIL@CW;SM<D60P5Ld000000000000P0`<3557l0<50@kk@K5h@00000000000', 0)
import ais
import ais.compatibility.gpsd
ais.compatibility.gpsd.mangle(ais.decode('55NBjP01mtGIL@CW;SM<D60P5Ld000000000000P0`<3557l0<50@kk@K5h@00000000000', 0))

AIS Specification Documents


The C++ code was switched to the Google style in November, 2012. Indenting should be by 2 spaces.

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