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Homport makes it easier to interact with Houdini nodes in Python. Run it during interactive sessions to quickly wire up nodes, see the values of parameters, and more.


Connect nodes quickly:

# connects output of 'node' to first input of 'node2'
node >> node2
# connects output of 'node' to the second input of 'node2'
node >> node2.input_two

Deal with parameters more easily:

# set parameters using assignment
node.tx = 500
# get values without calling eval()
print node.tx

Link parameters together:

# connect `ty` of nodeA to `tz` of nodeB
nodeA.ty >>


Documentation is done using pycco -- check it out here


You can use pip to install:

pip install -e git+git://

If you don't want to use pip, clone the repo and add it to your path manually:

git clone git:// homport/

Then, put this in your or Houdini startup script:

import homport

or, import it directly in the Python pane within Houdini.

Run the unit tests: