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@@ -7,6 +7,13 @@ Neural network models (supervised)
.. currentmodule:: sklearn.neural_network
.. warning::
This implementation is not intended for large-scale applications. In particular,
scikit-learn offers no GPU support. For much faster, GPU-based implementations,
as well as frameworks offering much more flexibility to build deep learning
architectures, see :ref:`related_projects`.
.. _multilayer_perceptron:
Multi-layer Perceptron
@@ -153,8 +160,8 @@ See the examples below and the doc string of
.. topic:: Examples:
* :ref:``
* :ref:``
* :ref:``
@@ -168,6 +175,24 @@ set of continuous values.
:class:`MLPRegressor` also supports multi-output regression, in
which a sample can have more than one target.
Both :class:`MLPRegressor` and class:`MLPClassifier` use parameter ``alpha``
for regularization (L2 regularization) term which helps in avoiding overfitting
by penalizing weights with large magnitudes. Following plot displays varying
decision function with value of alpha.
.. figure:: ../auto_examples/neural_networks/plot_mlp_alpha_001.png
:target: ../auto_examples/neural_networks/plot_mlp_alpha.html
:align: center
:scale: 75
See the examples below for further information.
.. topic:: Examples:
* :ref:``

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