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Lightmap is a simple, fast, database modeling API for .Net projects.

Note: this project is still under heavy development. NuGet packages haven't been shipped and breaking API changes should be expected.


  • Define data model independently of data store.
  • Use different databases across different environments with the same data model and code.
  • Supported runtimes: .NET Core, Full .NET Framework and Mono.
  • Supported Languages: C#, Visual Basic.
    • F# should work as well, but has not been tested.


  • Table constraints
    • Foreign Key
    • Unique
    • Not Null
  • Migration support
    • Migrate a database forward
    • Migrate a database backward
    • Automatic migration discovery
    • Datamodel version tracking


Performing a migration

You can migrate your database to new datamodels by defining the new model in a class that implements the IMigration interface.

public class InitialDataModel : IMigration
    public InitialDataModel(IDataModel currentModel) => this.DataModel = currentModel;

    public IDataModel DataModel { get; }

    public void Apply()
        DataModel.AddTable("dbo", "User")
            .AddColumn(typeof(int), "Id").GetOwner()
            .AddColumn(typeof(string), "Name");

    public void Revert()
        // Code to revert:

Once you have one or more migrations defined, you can process them with the datastore of your choice, providing it has an implementation of IDatabaseManager and IDatabaseMigrator.

public class Program
    public static void Main()
        IDatabaseManager databaseManager = new SqliteDatabaseManager("MyDatabase", "DATA SOURCE=MyDatabase");
        IDataModel dataModel = new DataModel();
        IMigration initialMigration = new InitialDataModel(dataModel);
        IDatabaseMigrator migrator = new SqliteMigrator(initialMigration);

        // Apply migration to database.

Untyped Data Modeling

You can model database tables with just strings and Types.

var dataModel = new DataModel();

dataModel.AddTable(schemaName: "dbo", tableName: "Foo")
  .AddColumn(typeof(int), "Id")
  .AddColumn(typeof(string), "Name")
  .AddColumn(typeof(DateTime), "CreatedOn")
  .AddColumn(typeof(int), "LastState")

Strongly typed Modeling

Strongly typing your database tables provides a little more safety, ensuring that your constraints and references all are correctly spelled.

When a Type is provided as the table generic argument, all of the properties on the model are turned into columns. You may then alter individual properties as needed.

var dataModel = new DataModel();

  .AlterColumn(model => model.Id)
  .AlterColumn(model => model.Name)

Strongly typed with Anonymous objects

Lightmap allows you to create your tables with anonymous objects, so you can still have a strongly typed data model, without having to create a bunch of classes yourself.

var dataModel = new DataModel();

dataModel.AddTable("dbo", "Foo", () => new
      Id = default(Guid),
      Name = default(string),
      CreatedOn = default(DateTime)
  .AlterColumn(model => model.Id)
  .AlterColumn(model => model.Name)